How REMO works

What is REMO? What can I profit from? And why should I register?

REMO offers a platform, especially supporting regional mobility exchange for trainees who want to go abroad for a study visit/placement or an internship, providing a search function for all involved parties - organisations which offer positions, organisations which are looking for a placement for their trainees as well as of course trainees themselves.

As a trainee you can ...

  • create your own profile,
  • post what you are searching for so organisations can find you and at the same time
  • acitvely look for potential internship and placement possibilities abroad.

For your support and organising your stay abroad ...

Only registered users have access to your profile and what you are looking for, keeping the information within the network.

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As an organisation you can ...

  • create your own profile,
  • post which positions are available in your organisation,
  • which placements you are looking for for your trainees and at the same time ...
  • acitvely look for potential internship and placement possibilities offered and
  • get in contact with and establish co-operations with other organisations.

For your support and organising mobility stays abroad ...

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The REMO network

The partners of the REMO project have commonly decided to found an official network structure in the form of an Austrian non profit association. The association has the main aim to support inter- regional mobility and exchange between partner countries and organisation. Overall the association promotes the importance of mobility and gaining experiences abroad in initial vocational training and will be implementing different activities on this matter. The participation and joining of the network (the non profit association) as a member is possible for individual persons as well as for organisations via a request for membership (for download). The association board will decide on the membership and also a payment of a small yearly membership fee (10 Euros for individual persons and 30 Euros for organisations) will be required. For more information please contact the REMO network partners.

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